Get featured

Send us your photos or videos wearing Loyal Fitness Products to get featured on our official Instagram page! Submissions should be sent by email to .

Make sure you include the following in your email:

1. Your photos or videos
2. Your Instagram username
3. The location of your photos or video

To qualify for a STORY feature on our Instagram we will NOT accept: 

1. Text over photos or videos
2. Blurry photos or videos
3. Dark or dim lit photos or videos
4. Nudity, profanity or offensive/violent content 

To qualify for a PAGE post on our main Instagram feed you must meet all of the standards above for a story feature AND the following:

1. Clear full HD large photo or video file
2. Well lit photo or video shot in natural light or flash 
3. Loyal Fitness logo must be clearly visible (if applicable)
4. Must be outside or in an industrial setting eg. No bedroom, bathroom, etc photos. 
5. Photo or video must display creativity, originality and relevance to the brand.

All decisions regarding the feature of your photo or video submission will be at the sole discretion of Loyal Fitness and our marketing team. We will do our best to feature all submissions which fulfill the above requirements as soon as possible. All photos or videos that qualify will be featured within 30 days.

Thank you so much for helping us grow!