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What do I get by joining?

Get a custom code, Earn commission from your custom code sales (no quota), Lifetime discounts + gifts. Get posted on our Instagram & more. You'll be a part of the #LoyalFitness movement!

What is your Mission?

To help as many kids as possible with our brand donations to charity. We are proud to be donating money to UNICEF.ORG .

What happens after I apply?

Lookout for a message text from us for the final steps and details! This text message will contain the link to your ambassador portal, our facebook group AND your lifetime discount code.

(Is this legit?)

Yes! Just ask our thousands of active ambassadors! Checkout the hashtag #LOYALFITNESS on instagram and see the support for yourself!

Can I promote other brands while being a Loyal Fitness Ambassador?

Yes, we understand and accept that people just have a strong love for Loyal Fitness and other brands - so it's totally fine with us.

Can I customize my discount code?

Yes you will choose your custom code once accepted by our team! Make it unique.

How do I qualify?

We don't have a set follower count requirement - we just look for people who are driven to sharing their fitness journeys.

How do I join?

You can join by entering your phone number & your instagram username from the form.