Become an ambassador

We are so glad to know that you're interested to come on board as part of our ambassador program and also, as a part of our network.

Loyal Fitness is a premium fitness-lifestyle brand, and like all other premium fitness-lifestyle brands, our margins are reflective of our marketing efforts. This means, we have the margin to allow you the opportunity to take part in promotion and be compensated for your efforts. We will provide you with a code you can share with your followers it will give any of your followers an exclusive 10% discount on all Loyal Fitness Apparel But even better, whenever any of your followers use your code to get a discount, you will be paid a 10-30% commission of the total sale, forever.

 If you've ever followed some of the top influencers in social media, you will notice that they have a code beneath their post in the caption. This is how they utilize their following to begin earning money. Loyal Fitness is the perfect chance for you to begin or continue your earning as we offer one of the largest discounts and commissions to ambassadors of any clothing company. Simply copy your 10% followers code and post it on your Instagram, Facebook, blog or other social media posts. Your following will appreciate your ability to help them save and you will be compensated for your success.

Becoming an ambassador of Loyal Fitness also shows other potential companies you are willing and capable of promoting their products as well; who knows who may message you next! Loyal Fitness is growing very quickly. This is the publicity you need.
Start Promoting
The best way to promote anything is to lead by example. Most of our ambassadors choose to wear Loyal Fitness in a post and then place their code below in the caption. If you would like to do this, we make it incredibly simple.
1. You will receive 15% OFF your first store order. Youll need to order 2-3 items on our website

2. We offer to post your content (quality standards apply), with a tag to your profile on our Loyal Fitness highly engaged Instagram account and online store. You will have the opportunity to earn commission indefinitely using your discount code.
Discount code for your personal order:
How To Get Started:
Get Your Apparel - Use 15% off code (LOYAL15) to order some Loyal Fitness at
Create Your Content - When you receive your items, take some awesome photos wearing your Loyal Fitness. We love action shots, so we recommend getting out there to take some photos or videos doing your hobbies; dancing, hiking, swimming, sports or even set up a mini photo shoot with friends to shoot each other. This is your chance to model.
Post To Social Media - Post your new photo to your social media account (Instagram is best for this). Tag @loyalfitness in the photo and place your 10% discount code in the caption so your followers can save. Email the originals of your photos to (You must include your Instagram username in the email to get featured).
We'll Feature You - Assuming the quality meets our standards, we will post your photo to our highly engaged Instagram account (@loyalfitness) with international publicity or feature in our story for our followers to like, comment, click to your account or use your discount code to purchase Loyal Fitness. You can post once, weekly, monthly or as often as you want to increase exposure and earn commission. We will be happy to feature your photos on our page as long as they are well done and fit our branding.
You Get Paid - You get paid every time anyone uses your code to save 10% off of their order. You get paid a 10-30% commission on everything.
How Do You Get Paid?
Of course, the most of important question of all. As stated above, every time someone uses your code to recieve a discount on our apparel, you will be paid a commission of 10-30% of the total sale. This will never end, you may repost your code forever, as many times as you like with different photos and posts to generate commissions.

After you've made your personal order please send us an email of your paypal email (to get your commission) & we'll send your 10% personal code (example: MARK10) for your followers.